Editorial Policy

The founders of St. Michael House Press hold to the notion that meaning resides in us all, as given to us by God. If that is so, then meaning as given by God must be the primary ontology of what it means to be truly and authentically human. Indeed, God is the one who gives us this meaning for He is our Creator. Without Him the human experience ultimately leads to existential despair and nihilism. Further, various expressions of meaning as expressed in Faith, Hope, and Love help us to understand the aspirations for which each person ought to strive. We fully recognize that this goal cannot be fully realized in this life, but as St. Paul said to the Philippians (Phil 4:8), we need to strive for excellence. we need to continually work to be saints. As one Spanish priest said, “We are not saints because we do not want to be.”

We seek to publish works that attempt to address and perhaps answer these ontological and theological questions. To paraphrase an old teacher, this small press exists for people looking for a place from which to speak in the old way, as one person with something important to tell another. We do have something important top tell each other — the Good News of Jesus Christ, and more, to help each other live the victorious Christ-Life and to help each other to become saints.

In service to this goal, we solicit manuscripts that seriously address theology and religion from a Catholic perspective. These works may be scholarly treatises, narratives, essay collections,  article collections, biographies, letters, or diaries. We also accept creative writing that addresses religious themes, such as fiction, novels, and short-story collections. We are eclectic in our acceptance of diverse writing and creative forms as this most nearly reflects the pluralistic nature of human experience, expression, and faith.