Welcome to St. Michael House Press

scriptorium2St. Michael House Press is a small press founded in 1993 as the official publisher of books and other documents created by the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael. We do occasionally publish the works of theology and religion from members of our Society and from writers in the general public.


We publish both books and chapbooks (small books) in e-books and hard copy formats. 

It is a tradition in monastic life to publish books and other literary works. The Scriptorium is not only a library but also the place where monks worked to copy manuscripts and to produce books.

If you have a quality manuscript on Theology, Church History, Doctrine, Apologetics, or some other area of religion, you may inquire to see if we may have an interest. We accept only writers who are Catholic (of any Rite) and who are loyal and obedient to the Pope and Magisterium. Liberal or Ultra-Traditionalist writers need not apply.

The Liberal point-of-view includes one or more of the following proposals:

  • women priests
  • inclusive language in the Mass not approved by the Holy See
  • liturgical dance in the Mass
  • other liturgical “innovations” not specifically approved by the Holy See
  • contraception
  • abortion
  • married priest as a norm in the Latin Rite
  • holding any other views consistent with Call to Action, Catholics United, Catholics for a Free Choice, Dignity USA, or other Liberal groups or agendas

The Ultra-Traditionalist point-of-view includes one or more of the following proposals:

  • Vatican II Council is invalid or heretical
  • there have been no valid popes since 1958 (sede vacantism)
  • the current Mass is unholy, invalid, and/or thinks no one should attend what they call the “Novus Ordo”
  • it is okay to attend a SSPX or other Tridentine Mass that has not been approved
  • Russia has not been consecrated by the Pope
  • the Vatican lied about the content of the Third Secret of Fatima
  • holding to any other views consistent with SSPX, Father Grunar, Father Feeney, or similar Ultra-Traditionalist or Sedevanctist groups and agendas